What A Life

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What A Life

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:17 pm

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Chapter 1-Running Away, Major Changes(age 14)

I knew what I was going to do. I had already got it all planned out. I couldn’t stand that fucking bitch anymore. She was going to die.

I packed up all the belongings I would need into my bag. Clothes, lots of money (well actually a total of about 100 dollars), books, my laptop, a few computer games, my DS and PSP with games, a couple blankets, the map to where I was going after and my clarinet. That was all I thought I would need. I would only be out on the street for like 4 days anyway right?

I packed up then went back onto the computer, probably for the last time I would in a while.

SasoriPuppet says: so r u done packing X3
I say: ya actually I am...
SasoriPuppet says: wow ok so r u goin to come here
I say: Yup...-_-
SasoriPuppet says: ok good luck try and keep in touch. When do u think u will get close?
I say: uh the map thing says three day so im gunna say about 5 days.
SasoriPuppet says: ok X3 just try not to get caught by the cops
I say: ya ok bubi. Remember ill be the one dressed like Hidan playin my instrument on street corners.
SasoriPuppet says: ok bye Fire X3>
I say: u know im not kidding about this right?
SasoriPuppet says: of course I know ur dead serious.
I say: good then ill see u in a few days.

I signed off. Shut my laptop and shoved it in my bag with the rest of my stuff. I slung it over my shoulder with a sigh.

I walked down the stairs a few tears in my eyes. This would be the hardest part. I knew my mom was in her room so I quickly got my jacket on, a pair of thick gloves and my warmest boots. I went into the kitchen and got one of my moms BIG knives out of the drawer. I stuck it in my coat under my arm.

“IM GUNNA GO CALL ON MELANIE! I’LL BE HOME BY 5!” I yelled almost choking from the tears that were forming.

“FINE! WHATEVER! GO!” she yelled back.

“I love you mom...” I whispered.

When I stepped outside I shivered slightly at the ice cold breeze. Luckily the news said it would warm up slightly. I started walking in the direction of Melanie’s house. One hand clutching the razor sharp knife. I looked over my shoulder at my house. I was sure I wasn’t going to see it for a long time after this.

I shook my head shaking away all the tears forming in my eyes and thought back to my objective. She was as good as fucking dead.

Before I knew it I was at Melanie’s door. And I was in luck her parents weren’t home so it was just Melanie, her brother and Rebecca. I growled as I even thought of the fat bitch.

I knocked on the door and was relieved when Melanie answered it with Rebecca right there next to her. An evil grin spread over my face.

Melanie tensed and ran leaving Rebecca alone with me. I stepped inside. Before revealing the knife I jumped on her pinning her to the floor clutching one hand tight to her mouth. I pulled out the knife. Running it past her eyes so she could see the serrated edges of the deadly blade. Hopefully Melanie would keep her brother away. It would only be Melanie who knew I was the one who did it.

My eyes were emotionless as I placed the cold metal against her throat. She immediately stopped struggling and I grinned evilly.

“I told you I’d make your life a living hell...and that’s where you’ll be living from now on.” I hissed and I pushed the blade deep into her neck dragging it as I went easily cutting through the skin, It started to bleed all over the floor. I sighed and waited for her to die there.

It took a couple minutes and I was lucky that neither Melanie or her brother came up stairs. When she was finally dead...I just ran.

The adrenalin in my system let me run and run. For the first while I knew exactly where to go and that’s where I went. After about an hour of running I just fell to the ground. Panting heavily I knew I got a lot farther then I though I would. It was 5:30PM though. My mom would already be worried sick, I cried into the ground. Then right there in a small bush I fell asleep.

In the morning I started walking again sticking to the bushes and trees on the side of the road. I had my map in my hand as I continued to walk. Hours and hours, along the sides of major roads. I was starting to get hungry so I pulled out the bag of Doritos™️ I had brought with me. I ate while I walked and looked at the map. It didnt take me nearly as long as I thought it would to get to the next village.

I looked at a TV through someone’s window. My picture was on the screen. Oh god...they were already suspecting me. I promised Tayuya I wouldn’t get caught. I pulled out my knife again hid at the side of a building. I sliced my hair short.(well a bit higher them my shoulders.) I remembered then what else I had told Tayuya. I took the knife to my ear and sliced part of it off. A huge chunk missing. I yelped in pain and held my now bleeding ear. I took out a sock from my bag and held it to my bleeding ear, gritting my teeth trying to not make a sound.

It took a while for it to stop bleeding and I looked at the bloody wound in the ice on the ground. It looked pretty impressive for not seeing what I was doing.

I went to the nearest Barber Shop and had them cut my hair better. Luckily I had a picture of Hidan on my PSP so I could show them what I wanted in to look like.

The lady cut it better, straightened it and gelled it for me. I REEEEEALLY liked the way it turned out. I payed the lady 15 bucks and took a sucker before heading back out. I decided I would stop at another barber to get it re-straightened and bleached silver. $85 left I hoped I would have enough.

I soon found a sign that told me what town I was in. One more town over I could get a train. Time to try out my acting skills.

I sat at the side of the road shoving my head in my knees, I started to cry. That was the easy part, I had a LOT to cry about at the moment. I waited for someone to stop there cars.

It didn’t take long soon a very nice looking lady pulled to the curb and rolled down the window, I looked up at her with my eyes watering.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked looking upset.

“I-I...d-don’t know h-how I get h-h-ho-home...” I cried.

The lady got out of her car and helped me to my feet, “Aww where do you live? Can I possibly help you?”

My eyes were still glassy and I smiled up at her weakly, “I’ve been walking for hours. I live the next town over.”

“Aww ok. I think I can help you out then.” The lady said helping me into the passenger seat of her car. She picked up my very heavy bag and put it in with me. Luckily I had ditched the knife back in the alley where I had cut my ear open.

She picked up my clarinet and handed it to me. “Hmm is this an instrument?” She asked.

I nodded, “Ya it’s my clarinet. I bring it everywhere with me no matter what.” I didn’t actually bring it everywhere with me, but it sure increased the pathetic poor homeless child look I was going for.

“Oh! Do you think you could play it for me while I drive?” The lady asked as she got into the driver’s side.

“Sure I guess...I know a lot of songs I had a lot of time to myself to figure them out.” I replied taking out my instrument.

The lady looked like she was going to cry and she looked me over again. I probably looked kinda funny with my hair slicked back like that. But im sure with pink contacts and a lot of bleach I be a dead ringer for Hidan-sama.

The lady examined me again then noted the bloody gash on my ear, “What happened to your ear?”

I was almost done putting my clarinet together and her question caught me off guard, how to answer....

I touched the gash it had turned out a LOT better then I had thought. “When I was walking through the forest my ring must have caught on something and ripped out...I didn’t really notice...it’s so numb.” I had my instrument together now. “Do you have anything you would like me to play?” I asked trying to stay from the other subject.

The lady looked worried for me but said nothing more of it when I changed the subject. “I think we should get in the Christmas spirit...do you know any Christmas carols?”

“Ya I know a lot.” I said with a smile. I started playing all the Christmas carols I knew. Leaving space in between each for her to compliment my playing.

After I finished Joy to the World she stopped me, “Wow, you’re very good at playing. Were you taught.”

I shook my head, “no I taught myself.”

“Wow...how old are you exactly?” She asked curious.

“14...” I replied. I sighed and pushed random buttons on my clarinet, “Do you want me to play another song? I can play the song from the Nutcracker, Trepak, the title may not sound familiar but you’ll know what it is once I start.”

She looked me over one more time before nodding, “Sure. That title doesn’t ring any bells but it sounds pretty.”

I had picked a long song on purpose, maybe id play Russian Sleigh Ride next keep her quiet for three minutes.

I had gotten to play a few more songs when she finally stopped the car. I got out turned to her thanking her as much as I could, in as many different languages I could think of.

“Do you have any money?” she asked me.

Thinking fast, “no not really I have about 5 dollars...” I said.

“Oh here! I think you need this more then I do! Buy yourself a Christmas present.” she said handing me two twenties. Yes I was now up to $125! That had to be more then enough to get to at least London by train.

It didn’t take me long to find the train station and a day pass cost me 25 dollars. I could use it at any GO station so I could just take as many trains as I could to get to Windsor. So I would probably get there before the time I had told Tayuya. I got on the train headed for London and luckily the guy next to me had one of this sticks that increased the range on your computer tenfold and he was nice enough to let me use it.

It didn’t take me long to get a signal and get on MSN. I was even luckier when it said Tayuya was online. Seeing Melanie wasn’t and neither was any of my other friends I quickly blocked them all and focused on a conversation with Tayuya.

Hey Fire X3 you got back on yay!
I laughed slightly, Ya I got on it’s a miracle! Literally...
Heh so where r u now?
I was so lucky I got a ride to a town and hopped on a train heading for London where I am now. Im gunna get my hair colour done there... and get my contacts.
Heh X3 so how long till you think u’ll get here?
At the rate im going? About 3 hours but I think im gunna spend the night in the next town I visit.
Ok... I can’t believe you actually did it...
Neither can I really.
Heh o well.
Has mel said anything about it?
Ya she says ur mom is SO depressed...and everyone in most of Pickering is worried or pissed.
What about Mel herself?
She’s worried but scared. But she said that u don’t have to worry about her telling...
I better not. And u better not tell her where im going.
Don’t worry ur secret is safe with me X3
It better be...-_- well I should probably get off ill try and get on once more when I get to Detroit.
Ok bye Fire X3>
Ya bubi...-_-

I closed my laptop and handed the man the stick thing back, we were more then half way there. I was starved though. I pulled out the last of my Doritos.

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Re: What A Life

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:17 pm

It didn’t take much longer to get there and I quickly got off the train and rushed into town to get my hair finished.

It didn’t take TOO long to find a decent barber shop. They said it would cost 20 bucks for a permanent colour. I said that was fine of course and wondered if they could do my eyebrows as well. They could for an extra 5 bucks.

At least people would never be able to tell its me.

After an hour the colour had dried and I looked at my reflection. I almost passed out. It was absolutely PERFECT! I swore I could have been looking at a actual Female version of the man I love most of all. I just needed the contacts.

I paid the lady and found out about a good place to buy contacts. When I got there the price shocked me. 45 dollars! But I had the money to spend and it was for a good reason no one would EVER be able to recognize me.

I put them in right after buying them and was surprised at the fact that they didn’t affect my sight at all.

I paid the lady and started walking back to the train station when I passed a cosplay store. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. They even had the anti Yu headband in the window. Another 10 dollars later I had the headband tied around my neck.
Then I was back on the train. Heading for Milton where I would start my money begging.

When out on the streets of Milton I took out my clarinet and started playing Christmas carols waiting for people to pay. After a few carols I wasn’t getting paid very well so I started doing video game songs. Still not much but when I started playing popular rock songs people started paying and asking requests.

4 hours of playing later my face was finally to sore to continue. I decided to count up the money I collected.

I took a 5er out of the case and bought a drink from a nearby McDonalds and sat at a table in the restaurant to count my money. I spat out my entire drink when I found out how much I had collected. 30 dollars! I didn’t think it was possible to get that much begging.

I bought myself an entire meal right after I counted it and slept on another train.

When I woke up I couldn’t believe I was in Windsor! Only another hour walk. Which I started right away. I still had 60 dollars.

I started walking and was surprised when I actually got passed the border without getting in trouble.

I was soon in Detroit. I pulled out my laptop and sat in an alley and got ONE faint signal. I connected and Tayuya was again online.

Really? Already?
Ya when can u come get me?
Right now if u want X3
omg thank god. Ya and like I said before im the one that looks like hidan ill even put on my new headband.
Yay X3>
Holy shit! This is so weird...well how long till you think you’ll get here?
Uh I don’t really know hopefully not to long. X3> so ya ill see u when I find you.

I gave her the street corner I was on and closed my laptop again. I pulled out my clarinet and started playing some more songs. I tried to tell how much I was getting without actually counting it this time. I was up to about $10-$12 when I heard a familiar voice.

“There that person looks like Hidan!” It was the very hyper voice of Obito.

“You’ve said that about the last 20 people we saw.” Tayuya replied sounding annoyed glaring at her younger sister.

“Ya but the other ones didn’t have a clarinet and a headband!” Obito said pointing in my direction.

I started laughing and putting my instrument away stuffing all my money into my pockets. I started walking towards the sisters and there mom.

“YAY FIRE! ITS ACTUALLY YOU!” Tayuya said with a clap.

“Yup its actually me...” I replied rubbing the back of my head. The gel had frozen slightly so it was really hard.

Obito examined me, “Were you just playing your instrument for money?” she questioned.

“Yes and it’s a good source of income I must admit. I wasn’t playin for very long there and got about $15.”I said with a triumphant look. Then I realized something. I hissed a Japanese curse word then I looked over at them, “uh I just realized I’ve only got Canadian money with me aside from that last 12 bucks...”

“Oh...how much do you have?” Tayuya asked.

“Uh...like 60 dollars...” I replied.

“Wow...oh well maybe we can get it exchanged or something later. We should probably get going though.” Tayuya said and we set off for her house.
During the long walk I was interrogated by all three of them. Some of the WEIRDEST questions as well. I answered most of them. Though some I had to lie about and others I completely avoided.

My feet were KILLING me and I was tempted to just fall over a couple times but the we were FINALLY there.

Tayuya led me right up to what would be my new room.

I sprawled myself out on the floor. “My feeet huuuuurt!!!” I whined...My bag laid beside me.

Tayuya looked down at me like I was insane then decided she could rummage through my bag.

My feeble attempt to stop her was to try and push her away...and that didn’t work. She opened it anyway, “fucking nosy bitch....”I mumbled.

Her mouth dropped as she started pulling out all the electronics in my bag. She heaved out my huge laptop and a bunch of cords, my PSP and my DS. I had brought all the cords I would need to charge all of them as well. She kinda quit after those and just kinda looked at me then my piles of gizmos.

I rolled my eyes, “why don’t you find the games I brought as well...” I said and she did.

I brought all my PSP games and DS games

She pulled out my Crisis Core, Tactics, FF12-2, Rune Factory, Pokemon Diamond, Cooking Mama, FF3, and a lot more...I had also decided to bring a couple GBA games including: PKMN Sapphire, Warioland 4(ITS AN AWESOME GAME!) Fire Red and a few others.

She just shook her head completely surprised at the amount of games I had brought.

“You also have a Gamecube right?” I asked. She nodded. I laughed. “Side pocket...” She reached in and pulled out my Memory Card.

“If I could have fit more in there I would have, but I ran out of room as you can tell.” I said, “you can play any of them if you want...I don’t think I can move...or maybe my gel just kinda froze to the ground.” I finished trying to lift my head from the ground.

Tayuya got up and looked down at me with a slight laugh, “you know you do look just like Hidan.”

Suddenly Obito burst into the room. I was unable to lift my head, “ya maybe if she ran a spike through her chest and painted Jashin on the ground I her own blood.” Obito said. She was carrying food I could smell it.

“MEH!” was my reply. But really running a spear through myself as a sacrifice to Lord Jashin didn’t sound to bad.

I finally pried myself from the ground and looked around. I looked over at Tayuya who hadn’t left the room, but was now in the corner playing her DS. I got up and ran my hand over my hair and my hand ended up on the cut on my ear. I sighed loudly and it got Tayuya’s attention.

“Sorry you keep doing whatever it is your doing...I think I’m going to take a nap...” I found a bed and practically passed out once I hit it.

I was woken up by someone repeatedly poking me in the side. I groaned and rolled over but the poking continued. “What do you want...” I mumbled.

“Nothing I just wanna bug you.” Obito chirped.

“Fuck ooooooff...” I groaned.

She laughed and ran off to let me get some more sleep.

After another couple hours I was woken up again by someone shaking me.

“Fire...wake up we’re eating...” Tayuya said.

“Uhhhh I don’t wanna get up...” I grumbled.

She pushed me one last time, “come on you have to be hungry.”

“...” I thought for a while, then sat up, “you know what your right im starving...I don’t care what it is im eating.” I got up and stretched slightly. When I stood up next to Tayuya I kinda chuckled I hadn’t really noticed how short she was before.

I ate everything placed in front of me. I realized I hadn’t completely registered how hungry I REALLY was. Tayuya’s mom seemed to know that I would be staying here for a very long time to come cause she asked me when I should start school.

“Uhh...ugh...right I forgot school...can I possibly get my name legally changed first? I don’t want them to know that I shouldn’t be here. I don’t have a passport. It’s a miracle I could get here and uh...I guess I could start next semester...ill just have to stay an extra semester to catch up on credits...” I sighed.

We discussed this for a while before I looked at the clock...it was pretty late for eating dinner...maybe they had waited for me to get up. I mean it was all ready 9:30pm... I sighed as I got up . Tayuya took my plate and I headed to the room the was now mine. I few minutes later I had found an outlet on the wall and plugged in my laptop. I stuck it in the corner so I could use at another time. I just wanted to go to sleep...again,

I was almost asleep when Tayuya walked into the room she had a sleeping bag and a bunch of blankets.

I looked at her with a cocked eyebrow, “what? You gunna sleep in here too?” I asked. She nodded and I laughed, “ok whatever you say but I’m not staying up im going to sleep.”

“Aw come on...cant you tell a story or something...” Tayuya said throwing her sleeping bag on the floor.

“What the fuck do I look like...your parent...im not tellin you a fucking story.” I said.

“Aw please.” Tayuya said sitting down on the floor.

“What the hell? How old are you?” I said scratching the back of my head.

“A year younger then you...I wanna hear a story about how stupid Mel.” She said.

“Well I don’t wanna tell you one. I’d rather not think about Pickering at all for a while.” I mumbled.

She nodded, understanding and left me alone about it. I feel asleep soon afterwards again. I dreamt well that night for what had happened.

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Re: What A Life

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:20 pm

Chapter 2-School(Age 14-18)

After a couple weeks. Christmas was past and we hadn’t really done anything and I hadn’t really wanted to. During the break though we had done a lot. I got my money exchanged so I had 75 American dollars. I had spent most of it on fabrics cause I decided that now that I had all this cosplay stuff I might as well get the rest of the cosplay.

We had also got my name legally changed to Azami Fire and entered me in school that I would start taking at the end of the break.

When I was on my room(which was very often) the others normally wouldn’t bother me. I would normally be on my computer typing something up or drawing a sketch for something I would want to make on my cosplay. Or, of course, actually making my costume.

On the second last day of the break. I found myself in the bathroom adjusting my hair. I still had just enough money left to buy a straightener so that’s what I had gotten. I had just finished restraighting my still silver hair and gelled it back like Hidan’s once again. I looked at my completed outfit. I had it open in the front though I couldn’t have it open nearly as far and still look like a guy. I had a tight piece of cloth around my chest making me look completely flat. The hardest part of the costume you could barely see and that was the pants. Though I was still really pleased with the results the cloak was perfect. I knew Tayuya and Obito were probably in the office so I decided to go there first. I opened the door and stepped in twirling a little, “All hail Hidan-sama!” i called. They turned and there jaws dropped.

“When did you get that cloak!?” Obito questioned in surprise.

“I WANT ONE!” Tayuya said.

“What you aren’t going to tell me how much I look like Hidan.” I said pouting slightly.

“Oh...ya you actually do look JUST like him...we’ve just never seen one of those cloaks in person.” Tayuya said.

I rolled my eyes, “Do you want me to see if I have enough fabric to make you guys cloaks as well. We can start a cosplay group.”I said with a laugh.

They both just nodded.

“Ok I’ll make you everything you will need to cosplay as characters from the Akatsuki. But I get to pick which characters.” I went back to my room cursing under my breath. Though it did give me something to do.

School started and for the first few weeks I talked to pretty much no one. I would always get curious glances, I must have looked odd.

One day during my weeks of solitude one girl walked up to me. I knew she was my age cause she was in one of my classes.

“What kind of a freak are you?” She said. I rolled my eyes.

“The kind that doesn’t talk to people like you.” I retorted before pushing her out of the way to continue my walk down to my locker, but she grabbed my shoulder.

“Don’t talk to me like that freak!” She yelled, people around had started to look at us.

I sighed and turned to face her. My eyes were emotionless, “I’m sorry let me correct myself...im the kind of freak who doesn’t take BULL SHIT from fuck ups like you.” I made a fist keeping it down at my side. We glared at each other for a while before we both turned and walked in separate directions.

Frankly I didn’t think I acted like a freak, I may have kinda looked like one but that’s it.

From then on people looked at me different. Some with looks of fear, but most with looks of hate. But a couple people smiled slightly when I walked by as if they were glad someone had stood up to that bitch. It made me smirk evilly. I didn’t really have much problems with her for a while.

But a couple weeks later she approached me outside as I was about to start walking to the middle school. She approached me again.

“Seriously do you have a death wish, trying to prove your tough by talking to me like you did!?”She said her hands on her hips surrounded by a couple of her friends.

I rolled my eyes and started walking again, “I could ask you the exact same thing...but just fuck off...” I mumbled.

She grabbed my arm again turning me to face her.

“What did you say!? What just cause you have that scar on your ear or something I’m supposed to think your tough!?” she said.

“I didn’t tell you to think anything...” I retorted.

“Your really asking for it you freakish little punk.” She yelled.

“Again I haven’t said anything...Can I just walk home...” I said sighing.

She grabbed my shoulder tightly, “Your not going anywhere freak! I’m going to fucking mess you up!” She yelled. A large group had formed around us.

I kicked her shin hard. With her free hand she reached down to grab her wound. But didn’t let go of my shoulder with her other hand, “No one is messing me up, slut...” I cupped my hands together over her elbow and brought down my arms hard on the joint. I heard a crack and my eyes opened wide. “Fuck...” I mumbled.

She fell to the ground screaming and clutching her arm. I winced “Fuck, fuck, fuck...” I mumbled and I broke into a run. I reached the middle school quickly and found Tayuya and Obito. I grabbed their arms and dragged them away, “come on we have to go!”

I explained what happened on the way and they both actually laughed.

“What’s so funny!? I could go to jail!” I said

“I’m sorry your right its not funny.” Tayuya replied they both stopped laughing and we were quite for the rest of the walk.

I skipped school the next day. Instead I hid a near the house and worked on another cosplay outfit. Gaara’s Kazekage outfit.

I was actually about half done all the little accessories when I checked my watch. The schools were letting out now so I relocated to the side walk I would walk on to get home and waited for Tayuya and Obito to walk by.

It took a while and when they did walk by I showed them what I had made. Obito laughed. And Tayuya let out a chuckle she always said she didn’t laugh unless she was around me or Mel...so I guess I would never know what she is really like.

The next day I took my chances and showed up at school. A lot of people avoided me in the hall. They all looked scared then I passed one group of people and one of them called out to me, “AZAMI!” I turned. I still wasn’t really used to that name so I normally got people to call me Fire. I approached the group. They reminded me of someone though I couldn’t place it.

“Uh...please call me Fire...”I said.

Most of them were smiling at me and I had to admit it was creeping me out slightly. I was very tense as a short girl in the group started talking to me.

“Some of us saw you break that girls arm. That was really cool! Where’d you learn to do that!?” She said.

I was tempted to just turn and walk away but these people didn’t even looked scared, “Uh...I was taught that at my old school...”I said in a low voice.

A taller girl took a step closer, “You know you look like this guy from that anime Naruto...uh what his name...”

I laughed the first time I had ever laughed at this school, “You mean Hidan? Ya I know.” I said with a smile.

One of the three boys chipped in at this point, “What’s it like being Albino?”

I was going to say I wasn’t actually albino but why let it slip if that’s what they thought, “uh probably no different from NOT being albino...”

They all started bombarding me with questions. I answered them all glad I could finally make new friends at this school, though out of school I’m sure I would just stick to hanging out with Tayuya.

We talked for another little while before the bell rang apparently I had class with one of them. I hadn’t really realized.

We talked for a while during class. Her name was Lizzy, apparently she knew about Naruto a little but not as much as me...not many people knew more then I did though.

I was glad to have some new friends but was even more glad when I could go home. I went to work on Tayuya and Obito’s cloaks which I still hadn’t finished, but I had finished the main outline, I had to make the collar stand up straight, put on the clouds, red rim and the special fasteners.

I went downstairs a while later too eat I had been a lot quieter then I normally was the past couple weeks, but of course like always I had my moments of pure hyperness where me and Obito would run around and bug Tayuya.

Today ended up being one of those days when Obito and I found the ice cream. But after I crashed...I slept well...

The next day at school I got to know more of my new “friends”. They wanted to know where I lived so they could come and call on me later I reluctantly obliged.

Through the day at school though I noticed that they let me lead the group, did they secretly choose me to be their leader or something...I didn’t argue though I was fine with it...

That day passed quickly.

When I was finally home and on my computer writing a story Obito burst in my room.

“A bunch of people are at the door looking for you...” she sounded confused, but it also seemed that her hyperness from the other day hadn’t worn off like mine had.

I grumbled as I got up and went to the front door. A few my friends were there. They looked confused.

“I think I used to go to school with them...are they your sisters? I thought you said you were new?” One of them said.

I laughed slightly, “No I am new I just live here none of my family even lives in the state.”

They looked as if they were waiting for me to go outside, which was the last thing I wanted to do right now I had much better things to do, “uh I’d come out but my dinners gunna be ready in like 20 seconds...I’ll talk to you guys some other time.” I said with a false smile. I waved by and shut the door. Once the door was closed my face dropped and I trudged back to my room.

The rest of the semester flew by quickly and the bitch never came back. I couldn’t have hurt her THAT much. Oh well I couldn’t really complain, at least she didn’t sue me.

Summer was boring nothing really exciting happened, my ‘friends’ soon came to realize I didn’t like going outside. Though I did a few time, but then school started again.

Tayuya went to school with me now. We hung out whenever possible, even if it meant that my group of followers tagged along.

“Wow, Fire...do these people always follow you around?” she asked one day.

“Uh...ya...i’m kinda the leader apparently...” I said scratching the back of my gelled hair.

School started passing really quickly...it seemed so soon that Obito had started highschool as well.

I often found myself thinking of my future, what would I do...would I go back to Canada or stick to living in the US. It didn’t take me long to decide on what I was going to do. I would finish school then during the time im 19 go to a bunch of Anime Cons. Then I’d go back to Canada and go to school where I had always wanted to.

I had finished Tayuya and Obito’s cosplays by now. Tayuya got Sasori’s outfit and Obito got Tobi’s. I had even made all the little accessories. Including a shirt with everything Sasori has on his chest and Tobi’s mask. I would make a more detailed thing for Sasori when I found the time.

I had soon started working on my scythe. Since I had gotten a job I found I could afford more. I had the rope and spools for it as well.

I had also started working on a script for a skit, for when I went to an AniCon. Tayuya helped me with it though...it was entitled... The Real Reason Hidan Killed Asuma...and I couldn’t help add some of my beloved Yaoi to it and I had forced Obito to dress up as Asuma. I thought it would be funnier if she did it. Tayuya would go as Sasori. And being able to kill Obito sure sounded like fun. Now I just needed a Kakuzu and a Shikamaru...oh well im sure I’d find one at the con.

Before I knew it I was in my senior year. They would always have seminars for the grade 12's to try and figure out what school they would go to after they graduated. I skipped ALL of them I couldn’t have cared less.

It wasn’t long before it was the last week...then I remembered that I’d have to stay for another semester to catch up on credits.

I had finished all my exams but there was no avoiding the next semester...

Tayuya was now in grade 12 and she was actually in one of my classes. I felt very left out. I always had my head on my desk mumbling curse words. Even when Tayuya was sitting right next to me. It made me feel like an idiot even though I was probably smarter then most of the people here. I had even ended up requesting to have all my exams on the same day. The sand thing it they listened to me and at the end of the semester I got a special notice telling me where to go each period to take my exam.

I was almost dead by the end of the day but I had finished them all with no real difficulty and now I was FINALLY done highschool...I was done school altogether.

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Re: What A Life

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:25 pm

Chapter 3-ANICON(Age 19)

I had just turned 19 now and I could do whatever I wanted though for the time being I was going to continue living with Tayuya and her family. For my birthday I found that I had enough to buy a car, so that’s what I got myself.

I drove it into the driveway and Obito ran outside with a shocked expression.

She had run up to the driver side door as I stepped out of my shiny sleek new black car.

“How did you afford this!?” She asked loud enough to get Tayuya’s attention from inside. She walked out and her expression was just as good as Obito’s. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I took off my amazingly awesome black sunglasses with a smirk, “magic...” was my only answer. I really hadn’t changed all to much in the past five years I didn’t know anyone other then these two that knew me back then anymore.

They both rolled there eyes, not expecting anything different.

“Well we need a good set of wheels to get to the anime con right?” I said.

They both smiled and nodded.

“I checked online. This time next week we are off to the conven in Buffalo.” I said with a smile. I looked at Obito, “Your still not old enough to go out on your own...you still have to ask and you need to come you’re my Asuma. Even though I can always get your sister to be Asuma.”

Obito sighed but went inside to ask anyway. Tayuya and I followed.

We could hear Obito begging. She was still only 16 so she still had to ask before she went anywhere, I was 19 and Tayuya was 18 though I never had to ask anyway...

We sat outside the room Obito was begging in until we heard.

“FINE GO! Just do NOT leave their side.”

Tayuya and I laughed.

I got up and went into the bathroom to make sure I still looked the part of the Jashinist.

For graduating I had also gotten myself the Jashin necklace and finished my scythe so I was all set to go. Tayuya had been ready for a while after she had gotten a cheap wig, and I had both of Obito’s costumes ready.

The next week past quickly and before we knew it we were in my new car heading to the convention already in our costumes. Minus Tayuya’s wig and Obito’s mask.

I had the top of my convertable down and I had one hand on the steering wheel and neither of the other two said anything at the speed I was going, just pushing the speed limit. With my free hand I felt the side of the car at the paint job I had gotten. It made me laugh to think my car looked just as cool as the Uchihamobile and if definitely suited that fact that the three of us were in Akatsuki cloaks.

It took 6 hours of really fast driving to get there. I pulled into the parking lot and took of my sunglasses. We had slowed down so Tayuya put on her wig and Obito put on her mask.

My mouth was open wide in shock, people were everywhere dressed as anime characters. I saw a few Akatsuki cloaks but all the people with them on either had long blonde hair, long black hair, short blue hair, masks or short red hair. Though really none of there outfits could compete with the quality of mine.

I couldn’t see anybody with white hair other then a Kakashi and a Jiraiya and some other characters from animes I probably knew but had forgotten about.

I got out of my car followed by Tayuya and Obito and we were almost IMMEDIATELY rushed by a bunch of girls.

I was wearing my cloak just like Hidan’s and my headband covered my neck, and I had that INCREDIBLY tight skin tone cloth wrapped around my chest to make me look flat. I had even trimmed my eyelashes so the guyish illusion would be complete.

I started swearing as all three of us were glomped by a bunch of fangirls.

I squirmed out and reached the car again I grabbed my bag with my other costumes and my real metal scythe. I lifted into a attack position, “GET THE FUCK AWAY!” I yelled in my best Hidan impression voice which was pretty convincing. All the girls backed away quickly. Then a few people in Akatsuki cloaks walked up.

From what I could tell they were dress as Kisame, Itachi and Deidara...how original...

They looked us over then looked at my car.

“Hey can we get a picture with you three in your car?” the Kisame asked.

I exchanged glances with Obito and Tayuya before saying, “ Sure...whatever fine with me...just don’t wreck the paint...or the seats...”

We got one of the fangirls that had stayed behind to take pictures for all of us. We got in the car. Kisame and myself standing up in the back looking kinda drunk, Itachi in the front seat. Tayuya leaning on the door Obito hugging the Deidara. It looked like something the Akatsuki would look like and I really liked the way the pictures turned out.

Our two groups soon split though. I went off looking for someone to be Shikamaru, and it didn’t take me long. Then I had to find someone to be my Kakuzu...they better be good looking as well...

I went up to every group where I saw an Akatsuki cloak and after three groups I hadn’t found any Kakuzu’s.

I was starting to give up. I went up to one last person in an Akatsuki cloak. I was starting to get tired. I almost fell grabbing onto this persons shoulder. They looked at me surprised. It was a Kisame.

“Do...you...by any...chance....know someone....here....as....KAKUZU!” I said taking breath in between words.

This guy looked extremely confused. He pointed in the direction of the bathrooms, “actually ya...he should be out any minute.”

I looked at him, “your kidding right?”

“Nope...” he said shaking his head slightly.

I fell to my knees then onto my back landing on my scythe, “Oh thank Jashin FINALLY!” I said still using my Hidan impression voice.

I was still huffing away on the ground, surprised this guy hadn’t just left. Then the guy dressed as Kakuzu walked back.

“Sorry it took so long I kinda got l-” he looked down at me on the ground with a weirded out look, “uh why is Hidan lying on the ground like that...”

“I’m fucking tired....so...fucking....SUE ME!” I said loudly forcing my self to my feet. I looked this guy over. “Will you be in a skit with me...I already have a script for you...I just REALLY need a Kakuzu...” I said handing him a small booklet.

He looked it over, “uh sure...”

“Ok good. Thank fucking Jashin I’ve run around this building
about 10 times and was chased by at least 12 packs of fangirls...” I grabbed this guys arm and started dragging him to the sign-up table. Leaving his friend very confused.

“So what’s this skit about?” he asked while I dragged him.

“It’s the real reason why Hidan killed Asuma...” I replied.

“Oh cool...so what is the real reason...” he asked.

“Asuma has a picture of Hidan and Kakuzu making out and is gunna use it to blackmail them...” I explained.

He stopped in his tracks and I let go falling flat on my face, “oowwwwww” I mumble groggily.

“MAKING OUT?? I’m not making out with another guy!!” He yelled

“I never said you had to...” I said pushing myself to my feet again.

“Oh...uh...ok” he said.

“God how old are you...”


“Wow that’s a surprise...you don’t act that old.”

“How old are you?”


“Oh ok...have you kissed a guy?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business but yes I have...”

“Really?! Was it a dare or something?”


“Are you gay?”

“Not the last time a checked...”

“Oh...uh ok...”

We finally reached the sign-up counter, “ya can we sign up our skit...its called the real reason Hidan killed Asuma...starring Hidan, Kakuzu, Shikamaru and Asuma...”

“Uh ok sir...” the lady at the table said writing what I said down, “should we introduce any names?”

“No...” I replied ignoring the fact she had called me a guy.

“Uh ok you guys are the tenth act...make sure your ready before hand.”

“Ya ya whatever...” I said. I dragged the Kakuzu guy with me as I went to look for Tayuya an Obito.

It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to find them, and that Shikamaru guy I had found earlier was with them as well.

“HEY GUYS!! I FOUND A KAKUZU!!” I yelled across the room.

“Yay good job Fire.”Tayuya said as I got closer.

Obito was examining him through the hole in her mask when I chucked the asuma costume at her, “put this on NOW! We’re the tenth performance. Do you three have scripts?”

Kakuzu and Shika nodded, “Of course we have scripts you shoved them in our faces!” Obito declared.

I gave her the finger and she stuck her tongue out at me before heading off to put on her costume.

“Okay everyone try and memorize your lines.” I ordered.

Ten minuted later Obito walked back up in a Asuma outfit complete with a fake unlit cigar in mouth, “WORK ON MEMORIZING!” I yelled at her as she approached.

“WHY DON’T YOU!?” she retorted.

“I WROTE IT I KNOW MY PARTS!” I yelled as she picked up a copy of the script.

After a while we were due up on stage. I rushed everyone as usual making sure they all had there parts down. It had only been like 15 or 20 minutes and they all pretty much did. After another 20 minutes beside the stage yelling at the others it was our turn up.

Kakuzu and I walked onto the stage side by side after the announcer introduced our skit and the many people in the audience started clapping.

“Kakuzu!” I said running a bit farther ahead and stopping in front of Kakuzu, “where the hell are we going now! We have to look for that Nibi thing in the Cloud village!”

“That’s where we are going Hidan...”

“Ya right we’re probably going to go look for one of your bounties.”

“No this time we are going to look for the Nibi.”

“You always say that. Fucking liar...”

He grabbed me by the collar of my cloak, “I’m really losing my patients with you Hidan...” he growled.

“Oi, oi settle down...just because you a fucking prick, lying son of a bitch means nothing.”

He started to shake as though he was really pissed off.

“Come on do your worst!”I taunted.

He pushed me against the nearest wall and held me up with one hand and formed a fist with the other. I just smiled and locked eyes with him and smirked.

Just as the script had said, he loosed his grip slightly letting my feet find the ground. He pulled down his mask and readjusted the way he held me. I though he would do one of those fake kisses where you turn your back to the audience and just make it look like it but he actually kissed me. It definitely caught me off guard if anything. My eyes had opened wide, it was in the script right so I kissed back. Gay ass... I thought with a chuckle.

Then right on cue there was a bright flash and he cut the kiss to look at Obito with a camera. He let go of me.

I was blushing I could tell as I pulled out my scythe and Obito ran off the stage.

Then Tayuya ran onto the stage holding a sign that send “End Scene 1”

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Re: What A Life

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:54 pm

Chapter 3- Part 2

I walked off the stage and Kakuzu walked right next to me.

“I think I figured it out...” he said in a hushed voice.

“Oh really! What could you have possibly figured out?!” I replied sarcastically.

“You’re a girl aren’t you!?”


“...” he looked at me as if he had just made a grave mistake.

“So when did you find that out?”

“When I had you pinned to the wall...” he said with a relieved tone.

“Oh did you now...” I said raising an eyebrow, “how would you find out by that.”

“Uh...” he blushed slightly.

“Hmph!” I threw my nose in the air and walked faster.

He took a few large steps to catch up to me, “NO NO I didn’t mean to it was an accident!”

“Whatever you say, pervert...”

“Aw please I’m sorry.”

I stopped, “you know what its fine...cause I’m not the one that looks gay after that little performance cause im actually a girl and you thought I was a guy.” I said in a smug tone with a smirk.

“Oh shit...”

“Ya that’s right.”

“Oh and if you don’t mind me asking...”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Are you single?”

I laughed that was pretty damn funny, “yup... I sure am but why are YOU asking.”

“Cause well maybe we could go out...”

I laughed again, “I’ve known you for what like a bit less then an hour?! What diluted reason do you have that makes you think I would go out with you?”

“Well after a kiss like that I don’t see a reason not to...”

“...you have a point...I don’t know I’ll think about it, but we are up again come on.” I said running back up onto the stage. The whole conversation took a bit more then a minute.

During the rest of our skit I laughed but I really did think about an answer. And when Obito showed me the picture of the two of us kissing, I had to admit...we looked GREAT together. It looked like Yaoi but it was straight, how perfect!

I think I had FINALLY reached my decision as Obito fell to the ground dead. This scene was my last.

“You guys stay right here we will be back!” I called. I had to change the way this scene went slightly cause I didn’t have enough time to find an Ino or a Chouji. Kakuzu and I ran off the stage.

He looked at me expectantly.

I smiled evilly, “I only have ONE question before I answer.” I was no longer using my Hidan voice and it took him a bit by surprise.

“Uh ok shoot...” He said warily.

I smiled evilly spinning my scythe around a few times in my hand, “What the fuck is your name?” I said with a laugh.

“Oh did I not tell you...” he said in a shocked voice.

I smiled and raised an eyebrow putting my scythe on my back.

“My name is Tyson Weber.” He said with a smile

The name made me laugh. It reminded me of little brother Sasuke. But there had to be thousands of people with that last name, “Well its good to meet you I’m Azami Fire and my answer is ya sure why not give it a go eh?”

He smiled widely at me then gave me a hug.

“Can you call me Tai?” he asked as he hugged me.

“Only if you call me Fire...” I replied hugging him back. At least he isn’t ugly...actually what am I kidding he is H-O-T! I thought with a laugh.

Obito and Shika were done there scene and Tayuya had gone up with a sign that said The End. Tai and I went back up onto the stage and bowed for the audience.

I walked to the mic at the front of the stage. I held up the picture of Tai and I kissing, “So who wants this picture!!??” I yelled into the audience.

Everyone screamed throwing there hands into the air.

I laughed at them all and put the picture in my cloak, “well to bad im keeping it. Get your own pictures!”

I walked off the stage followed by my co-stars.

The next group walked by us with sour expression, jealous of our amazing performance no doubt. I laughed and stuck out my tongue at them.

I went up to Tayuya, “Hey guess what?” I said.

“What Fire?” She said in a slightly curious voice.

“Im gunna try going out with that guy dressed as Kakuzu, Tai.” I said with a laugh.

Her mouth opened wide in shock, “Really?” I nodded, “Wow nice Fire. Good luck.” She finished adjusting her wig slightly.

“Don’t we look just like real yaoi though?” I asked nudging her slightly.

She nodded with a smile, “Actually ya you really do...”

“Good” I stole one of her signs and a marker and wrote WILL YAOI FOR MONEY on the back. I put it around my neck and stood beside Tai.

The guy dressed as Kisame that Tai had been with walked up.

“Dude are you gay or something! You just kissed another g-” He started when he noticed Tai’s arm around my waist, “uhh...what the hell...?”

“She’s actually a girl. I know I was shocked too. And now we are dating.” Tai explained.

“Oh...uh wow...congrats bud...” he extended his hand to me, “I’m John, nice to meet you...uh..”

I took his hand and shook. “Azami Fire. And the pleasure is all mine I swear.” I said using my regular voice, “Oh and please call me Fire.”

“Uh ok” he said. He sounded extremely confused. He pointed at the sign around my neck, “What’s with the sign.”

I laughed as Tai looked down at it with wide eyes, then he looked into my eyes, “What the hell?”

“Oh come on it’s good money!” I declared.

“Ya but like you said before people will think I’m gay.”

“Fine...we WON’T!”


I took the sign off and threw it on the ground.

“Uh I think Fire and I are going to go talk over there okay buddy?” Tai said to John.

“Sure fine with me buddy.”

I finally got a real good look at Tai when he took of his mask and headband.

He was wearing odd contacts that made him look just like Kakuzu. He had the stitches at the wide of his mouth as well. His hair was long and dark which just made him look even more like Kakuzu. The only real difference were that his facial features were kinder and a lot younger. He was probably shorter then Kakuzu in the show, but I was shorter then Hidan so really, we were probably the exact same difference as you would get if you compare Hidan and Kakuzu. He really was attractive though. His skin was the same tone as Kakuzu, or maybe a shade lighter. I also found out that he lived in MI as well and he was staying at the conven for the next three days as well.

We conversed for well over 20 minutes before someone jumped on me from behind. Tai’s eyes opened wide and grabbed my arm as I almost fell backwards out of my chair from the extra weight on my back.

“OH GOD THE FANGIRLS ARE BACK!” I yelled. I looked over my shoulder to face my opponent. I hadn’t expected to see the bright orange mask of Tobi, “uh...” was all I could say as I looked at the mask in confusion.

Tai reached across the table over my shoulder and pulled the mask off the culprit to reveal none other then Obito.

“WHAT THE HELL OBITO GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” I yelled I jumped to my feet and for some reason she didn’t let go...very unusual behavior for her...maybe she had found some sort of ice cream treat...and ate lots of it.

She had her legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck...luckily she wasn’t TOO heavy.

Tai sure looked confused.

“So how are you two lovebirds doing over here!?” She asked in her hyper voice, it was about an octave higher then her usual voice and a tad bit faster...I knew it all to well...

“Oh were doing perfectly fine! This whole day has been perfect! But you know what ruined it...” I said sarcastically...

She looked at me confused and Tai finished my sentence for me.

“You showin up in the middle of our conversation, so go away brat.” He said with a smile.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” I said approvingly. I slapped the back of Obito’s hands and she let go falling to the ground with a thud.

She jumped to her feet and stuck her tongue out at me. I reached for my scythe. She stopped looking down at her feet, she was visibly shaking cause of her hyperness, it couldn’t be a good thing, though she was definitely more like Tobi this way.

Tai threw her mask back at her, which she failed to catch, when she bent down to pick it up I kicked her over. She ended up sprawled on the floor groaning in pain as I laughed and sat back down.

We started talking again as Obito got up and walked away putting her mask back on.

“Go bug your sister...” I called over my shoulder. She perked up and ran towards wherever Tayuya must have been hiding.

Tai and I continued to talk after that, the first question he had asked, “Do you live with her?”

I had laughed and nodded my head.

“Really are you guys like related or something cause you really don’t look like it?” He questioned with a confused expression.

“No I moved in with them when I was 14...Tayuya was my friend online before hand...” I replied my face drooped slightly as I thought of my past.

“Oh” he looked like he didn’t completely understand, “uh...what happened that made you move in with them...especially if you had known her only online.”

“Heh well.. I ran away from my home...in Canada for reasons I may tell you at another time ya and I kinda found it nessicary to cross the border...” I said.

He looked at me wide eyed, “you fled to the states from Canada!?!” I nodded, “Holy shit...I would have never guessed.”

“Well ya there is no real difference between Americans and Canadians...I tend to say eh a lot but I probably would if I was born in America as well...”

“Uh...ok...” He said.

We stopped talking about that subject after that and shared a great conversation other words.

We really had a lot in common other then the fact we were both Narutards. We both loved our Final Fantasy especially 7. After a while though we decided it was probably best if we both headed off to out hotel rooms for the night.

I ended up talking Tayuya and Obito’s ears off by talking about how much Tai and I connected, and how I thought it just might be able to work out.

“SHUT UP FIRE!” Obito yelled at me chucking a pillow in my general direction missing by a few inches.

“Wow...you have terrible aim...” I pointed out.(in reality i just have a forcefield that changes the direction of any object thrown at me)

Obito stuck her tongue out at me and pulled he covers of her bed up over her head, Tayuya was already asleep. I was pissed now but did manage to find sleep as well.

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Re: What A Life

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