Story Format(IMPORTANT)

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Story Format(IMPORTANT)

Post by HidanLuver107 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:45 pm


Well it's not really a 'format' more like something to make it a bit easier to understand.

Ok well first things first lets start with a couple rules...
1. Put STORIES with characters made by you and a plot made by you HERE! and put stories with characters NOT made by you and with a PLOT used in ANOTHER series, movie, video game, etc. post it under FANFICTION cause thats what it is...

2. I don't care what you put in your story, I personally write a lot of Yaoi (guy on guy) and i don't care if you don't like it, u can write whatever you want. ((Though Yaoi and Yuri are normally used in fanfiction cause those terms are normally used to describe Anime characters...))

3. be least a one REALLY wants to read a story where u use MSN slang like i do...heh ^_^'

4. Try and make sure you get rid of most of the spelling mistakes, i mean sure everyone makes mistakes, including the spell check on your computer and its stupid Grammer errors.

5. Be creative...its not really a rule but ya...if u aren't i mean come much fun is your story going to be eh? heh

6. If you have an extreme amount of extremely foul language (I haven't censored any words yet and don't plan to.), dirty sex scenes, and extremely gory battles...make sure you rate it accordingly in the SUBJECT of your post... ya here a guide:

G - appropriate for all audience or u dont have to put a rating if its appropiate for everyone.
T - Swearing allowed of course...but if you go OVERBOARD with the massively terrible curses think about rating it higher. Violence is an a-okay but not so descriptive that u make war veterans queasy. And sex in T stories...thats M...light-medium romance is okay...just don't make it to bad...
M - ya everything i didnt cover and more is allowed in this ^_^ the sky is the limit when writing an M rated story...and dont worry i will be checking every story and i will tell u if you rated it properly.

Ok and if you dont want to put a rating in the subject...then the beginning of your post should be like

Rated M for: (any reasons u may have...)

ya then continue on...

7. I don't care if you want to include all the chapter in one thread...but if you want u can seperate it into multiple threads each labelled like

Thread 1- What a Life{chapter 1}
Thread 2- What a Life{Chapter 2}

But please leave a link to the other chapters in the first or each of the thread u make it easier for people who want to read more...^_^

Well i think thats it for now...i dont think i would make you mad with this least i dont think i did O_O...i mean i tried to make the few rules i have as funny as please just follow these simple rules and have fun


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