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Akatsuki School

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Chap 1. Itachi’s PoV - Before School-

I looked around the empty hallways of the school, it really was odd seeing the normally loud and student filled hallways almost completely empty, the odd teacher or student walking by. It was definitely the only time I had ever gotten here so early.

I had been going to school here for two year now...today was my first day as a Junior and I had decided to locate classrooms and talk to teachers beforehand this year. I was known for my almost perfectly grades in every course I happened to take but also for my cold demeanor. I could have been a jock, I had the brain to be student elected president, and you know what...I could even be a teacher, but no...I was myself, Itachi Uchiha, a complete loner. Only one friend and he was the biggest odd ball at the school.

Kisame...to get the point across bluntly...he’s part fish...or shark...or something...or maybe that’s just what he says to scare freshman, I’m not really sure myself. Though it would explain a lot, like why his skin was tinged blue, he has what LOOKS like gills across his cheeks and has pointy (shark-like) teeth. I had met him at the beach one faithful day about 8 years back, he had happened to scare my younger brother who came running to me for protection. Our friendship grew from there.

Speaking of my little brother...Sasuke Uchiha...he’s, luckily, still far to young to attend high school. He’s been a pain in my ass ever since he was born and he continues to be till this very day. When the day comes he DOES come to the same school as me...I will be in my graduating year and won’t have to worry about it...my biggest fear...that my brother becomes more popular then me within his first week of school...in other words my goal, to become more popular then he can ever hope to be.

I have thought many were time, about starting anew and ditching Kisame in search of friends who don’t scare away other people, but my hopes a futile...I wouldn’t know how to start. But it didn’t matter; it was something to worry about at a later time.

Now I found myself wandering through the hallways to where my first class was to be. I looked in the room a rather old looking man was sitting at his desk at the front of the room as I knocked on the open door. He looked up at me.

“Aha, Mr. Uchiha! I have heard great things.” he said standing up motioning me over to him.

I walked into the room over to stand beside his desk; my obsidian hues scanned the room. Before landing back on the teacher who had his hand extended towards me.

I took his hand shaking it ever so slightly. Before taking my hand away and shoving it into the pocket of my jeans, which unlike the wanna be gangsters were high enough to cover my underwear, but unlike the nerds, I didn’t have them so high up it was uncomfortable. For lack of a better way to phrase it they were “Just right.”

“Thank you sir...as I’m sure you are probably unaware I have math first period with you.” I said

“Oh really now! Won’t this be fun! Are you 11 or 12?”

“Eleven, sir...”

“Ah I see you’re one of the young ones. Well I hope you enjoy my course. I’m counting on you to do well Mr. Uchiha.”

“Of course...” I said before turning to walk out the door. One down three more to go. My University level English class was next, which happened to be the class right across the hall. I walked in and a rather young looking lady was at the back of the classroom taking down old assignments.

I cleared my throat to let her know I was present.

She turned and looked at me, “Oh Hello!” She pranced over to me happily, stopping a few feet away from me and holding out her hand, “I’m Ms. Morgan.” She said enthusiastically.

I took her hand and shook it politely, “I’m Itachi Uchiha...I believe you are my English teacher in second period...”

“Oh how great and you came by to say hello?”

“Yes I came around to see my teachers...I would also like to know a bit about the class.”

“Oh! Okay!” she started giving me a short explanation of the course, it didn’t seem all to difficult.

“Thank you” I said as she finished.

She smiled, “No problem, I guess I will see you in a while, Mr. Uchiha.” she said.

“Ya...” with that I turned and walked out of the room. I took a look at one of the clocks stuck to the brick wall. Classes didn’t start for half an hour still...I sighed. Still no one was here.

I went down the multiple flights of stairs to find the class I had after lunch. A piano class. I already knew the teacher he had given me private lessons before. So I just walked in the room and he was putting instruments on shelves making sure they looked perfect and he looked over his shoulder for a split second, “Hello Itachi.” He was the only teacher I had ever met that didn’t call me by my last name.

“Hello sir. How are you?”

“Just fine...so am I teaching you anything this year?”

“Yes I’m taking Piano this year.”

“So you’re in my third period class then, well it will be a pleasure.” he rubbed his hands together and turned to face me, “Why are you here so early Itachi...class doesn’t start for 25 minutes.” He asked adjusting his glasses and looking at his watch.

“I’m meeting with teachers before class starts...”

“Of course you are...you doing that doesn’t surprise me in the least. But still...it’s a bit early to even be doing that. ”

“I’m aware of that... I believe I’m even lucky to have found my first three teachers in their classrooms...” I said stating my thoughts, I really should have planned this better, I hoped he would find it necessary to drag on the conversation and take up some more time.

“So what classes do you have this semester, Itachi?” the teacher said pulling up a chair.

I continued to stand, “Math, English, Music and Technological Design.”

“Technological Design? Is that like that Auto CAD thing?”


“And YOU’RE taking that?”

“Yes...are you surprised?”

“No...Not really.”

I wanted to laugh but couldn’t...it wasn’t in my nature to do such a thing. I started a conversation, something very unlike me and managed to hold it for a good fifteen minutes, another very uncharacteristic thing for me to do. But then I decided it was time for me to leave and try and get to meet my other teacher before class started.

I walked out the door waving and headed down the hall. The halls were starting to get more congested.

Suddenly, a hand hit my shoulder, “HEY! YOU!” called an unfamiliar voice.
I turned around and saw a man my age and pretty much the same height staring at me. His pale skin, white hair and pink eyes saying he had a skin pigment deficiencies...in other words...he was albino. I would have remembered someone like this...but no one came to mind.

“Can you tell me where the fuck the Principal’s office is?” he asked in a smooth but fierce tone.

“It’s upstairs...would you like me to show you the way...”

“Ya sure why fucking not...” he said rolling his eyes.

I sighed and started to walk in the direction of the office.

“Why the hell is this school so fucking confusing...half the stairs only go up one floor and the entire third floor isn’t connected...and the numbers on the fucking doors aren’t in any sort of fucking order...” the albino man cursed angrily.

I could tell he obviously had a cursing issue and possibly an anger management problem.

“Yes...I guess you’re right...are you new here?”

“What the fuck do YOU think?! Yes I’m fucking new here!” He said in a seemingly angry tone, “I got kicked out of my last fucking school...I ‘accidently’ stabbed a kid...no they are just trying to cover it up
I didn’t ‘accidentally’ do anything, I stabbed that kid cause he fucking deserved it...making fun of me like that...”

“Making fun of your eyes and hair?”

“No of my fucking religion!”

“Oh...ok...By the way my name is Itachi Uchiha...”

“Ya...whatever, name’s Hidan...”

“May I ask what grade you are in?”

“Why the fuck would you care...I’m in grade eleven.”

I stopped in front of the office and pointed at it, “Well this is the office...Maybe I will see you another time.”

“Ya sure...what ever you say.” Hidan said before walking angrily into the office just as the bell sounded signifying the beginning of the first period, “Well FUCK!”

“Young man watch you language...” the secretary said at Hidan’s outburst.

“No! Fuck you lady!”

I rolled my eyes and headed off to Math.

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