Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

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Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

Post by SasoriLover11 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:47 pm


Chapter 1- Prologue

Rated: T, I think

Warnings: Yaoi, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, does getting beat up count? Not much more then, I guess

Couples: ItaSaso (later on), hints of SasoDei, some HidaDei

Summary: Sasori has pretty much had it with life, he's sick of getting picked on, sick of being invisible to the people he had once thought were his friends, and he's sick of being left behind, whenever he gives out his trust, they leave him. He figures nobody would care if he just dropped dead, that no one would notice. He thought he was a shadow, forgotten by everyone, is that true? Has he really been forgotten? (Um, this is my first story on here, please don't judge too harshly...)

*Oh, by the way, it's obvious I don't own the characters, not mine*


~Sasori's PoV~

I'm not even there anymore...but....had I ever actually been there? I honestly must say, I don't think so.

All my life, I've just been a shadow to those around me. Not even a shadow. I've been forgotten and left behind by those who even considered me a shadow. I've trusted people.....but they throw it away...because I'm nothing. I'm not like their other friends, who are popular, who look good, who actually have a life. I don't mind being alone, not anymore. I'm pretty used to it, I guess.

I'm even used to the kids who like to pick on me. Their daily beatings don't hurt as much anymore. I mean, they still do leave bruises and cuts, but it hasn't been so bad as when they first started. Plus, they don't even hit as hard as my grandmother. She used to hit a lot harder, especially when she had a cooking item in her hand. The spoon, avoid her metal spoon. I'm pretty relieved she's dead now, I don't really care how mean or rude that sounds either. I'd get beaten by the old hag, just because she had her super senile moments where she just went stupid. I live alone now, not so different from how my life's faring at school.

I'm in the bathroom of my lousy apparrment, and I'm looking for where I placed it.....

A-ha, there it is. Why do I even bother hiding it since I don't need to keep it secret in the house now? Meh, it's probably just a habit. But anyway, I found it in the back of all the towels and whatever else you keep in a bathroom on the edge of the bathtub, I've got a towel at ready, prepared to hold it against the wound I'm going to inflict upon myself. In other words, I'm using it to hold back the blood that's going to drip from the cut that I'm about to make with my razor.

I slowly drag the tip of the cold metal across my wrist, watching as blood welled up, over-flowing from the small incision and spilling over. I bring the small razor down again, making another good cut, diagonal from the newer one I've just made. I make a couple more, adding to the numerous slits on my arms. I avoid cutting the bruised areas of my arm, the bruises would be from a recent beating I've taken by a group at school. I don't really care if they like beating me up or not, I found ways to make my body take it better, so I don't pass out most of the time.

I sighed, taking a small towel that was as clean as clean could get around here. I take the small cloth, holding it against the fresh, and bleeding cuts. I have to admit, I like feeling the blade cut into my flesh, I like to feel it burn and watch the blood seep over and spill onto the tiles. It's just an enjoyment of feeling pain. Call me masochistic, I don't care, I've been called much worse. Well, nobody knows at school that I cut myself, and they haven't called me masochistic, but still. I have been called things worse than that, so go on, call me whatever. I'm used to it. It's sort of amusing, that the blood if the same color as my hair. I'm not sure why, but I think it just is.

I look at the clock I put in the bathroom, just because I tend to spend a lot of my free time in here, so I need to know what time it is. Especially if I'm in here in the morning, right before school. It would seem that it's time to go now though, so I've got to stop cutting, for now. I wash the razor blade off, then toss it back in the cabinet, throwing the towel along with it. I'll wash it later, but for now, I've got to bandage the cuts and hurry out the door. I don't bother with cleaning the bleeding wounds, and just wrap a gauze around my arm. Now I can leave, just as soon as I grab my favored red hoodie, which not only hides the scars and cuts pretty well, but also helps with the impact when I get smashed against lockers or something.

Okay, so now that I've made sure I've got everything in my backpack, I can go. It's not that far of a walk to school, and I won't be cold on the way there, because not only do I have my thick, hoodie, but I've got pretty warm pants too. They're a bit big on me, but the black 'emo' pants, as the others would call them, were actually pretty good at keeping heat in for my legs. Not that I care about whether or not I'm late for homeroom, but I think I'm going to be late, just because I looked at my clock a little later than usual. Ah well, can't be helped now. I'll get to school when I get to school.


Ugh, I can't stand this, homeroom is about the most boring thing ever. I'm sitting in the back of the classroom, where I usually sit. It's quieter there, and there's less people around. Not that anyone can tell I'm there, but still, I like keeping my distance. Listening to the teacher prattle on and on about something I could really care less about was about as exciting as watching paint dry. He droned on for what felt like an hour or more, even though it really wasn't that long.

I glanced at the clock on the wall, it's ticking ever so slowly, giving the feeling that either they set it back, or it's way too slow. Finally, this guy stopped his boring lecture, and I left the class. I'd have to say that the rest of the day was like this too, how it dragged itself on, the teacher would drone on about a subject no one cared about. Yeah, same thing happens everyday, it's easy to get used to, even if it is always boring.

I've got a lot less energy than when I had started today with, so I'm scruffing my feet to the lockers. Ignoring the people that push past me, not even looking to see if they hit something, or someone. I finally was able to squeeze my way past a large group of rich, preppy girls which I despised so much. I despised them almost as much as the group that liked to beat me up, and they hadn't even done anything. I guess the way I look at it is, goth/emo's are always the biggest haters of the popular, preppy bunch of the school. I don't know why, but it just always seems to be that way. The social groups conflicting with one another. Though I'm also in the emo catagory, I seem to have a group of my own, which I like to call a little something like the nobody-loser-group. I'm a nobody, and I'm a loser, I fit both of the sugested catagories for both of these perfectly. Hurray for me.

Pfft, yeah, hurray, right. Yeah, I find it so great how I'm the biggest nobody of the school, not only do I get all the space, and quiet that I want, but I also never get bothered by anyone. Heck, I don't get noticed by anyone. Not even the teachers, all they do is grade my papers, and they don't even know who I am. Half the time passing back papers mine are thrown out because they don't know how it belongs to. Kind of a good thing I walk home, because I take my own sweet time moving about the crowded, noisy hallways. I hate it here, a lot.

I've taken all the things I need to bring home to work on and stuffed them unceremoniously into my bag, turning around to head out the door. Well, that was my intentions, but a few other people thought otherwise. They wanted to make me wait to go home today. And I hated waiting. Now I'd have to hold up for them so they could finish their job, get bored, and go home. Then I could see if I could go home, so yeah, they spoiled my plans to head straight home, finish homework junk, and then go cut myself. Yeah, sounds awesome and fun-filled, doesn't it?

I turned around to face my daily tormentors. Incoming was their leader, a punk-kid with loads of piercings. He had a whole cluster of the metal jewlery on his face, and I seriously wouldnt' doubt if he had more in other places. Behind their leader was the dark-toned kid who liked to take money from others. He liked to cover his face up, like a bandit would. It was odd, but it was almost like his eyes glowed. Well, maybe they did. They probably glowed from all the greed he radiated. Then there was the rougher kid of their little group. An albino boy, who had a mouth that could stun anyone beyond words. He liked to get rough, and he always preached about his weird religon. A religon that took sacrifices, an evil god. What kind of person would follow such a deity? Well, only him, because I think he's the only person I've seen, and ever will see, that honors his god this much. There was a quieter kid in their group, he didn't do too much pounding, I suppose he was just there because he helped them look cool. I kind of favored this one, because he didn't beat me up, and he was a silent kind of person. His black hair and red eyes really stood out. And finally, the person in the group I dreaded to see most....

The blonde taunted me whenever we crossed paths. He acted as though we had never had something between us. But maybe, like everything else, I had just been imagining things, and there hadn't really been anything there. We used to be together, until he openly cheated on me. I think he'd been with the albino kid for a while, even into our relationship. I'm sure he didn't care, because he just laughed when Hidan told me to buzz off. And here I had always though Hidan had been with Kakuzu. The two did seem close, sometimes. Only when they weren't arguing anyway. But I guess not, since Hidan was with Deidara now.

"Well, well, look who's here," the leader, Pein, sneered at me. The rest of his group laughed along with him, except for Itachi, the silent one of the group. Pein stepped closer, the others stepped with him, and I backed up. I suppose I was going to get a third beating in a row....fantastic. As if it wasn't hard enough to hide the damage they'd done last time.

"Go away, I don't plan on dealing with you guys today." It was true, I was pretty tired from being up all night last night. I hadn't been really doing anything, I just felt like not sleeping. I've been doing that lately, I guess. Depriving my body of what it wants, or what it needs. Last week I skipped a couple meals, deciding I didn't feel like eating, and now, I was missing sleep because I didn't feel like going to sleep to let my body rest.

"Stick around, Sasori no Danna, un," the blonde smirked, seeing a small flinch run through me as he used my old name. I couldn't even look at him, it hurt to see him now that he was with another guy. It just hurt to see his face, ever since he left me and went for Hidan.

"No, I'd rather not,so, bye," I stepped away from them, trying to ignore them as they shouted and jeered at me. It didn't bother me anymore, not even the fact that these guys all used to be my so-called-friends. I'm not sure when they turned on me, but I haven't gone back to them ever since they first beat me up. I was walking, and the next thing I felt was a searing hot pain on my wrist. I snapped my head around, looking to see what it was.

Hidan had grabbed onto my wrist, and unfortunatly, that's where the cuts I did were. I bit back gasping in pain as his grip tightend, I could feel the wounds re-opening. If he didn't let go soon, the blood would seep through enough and he'd either see it, or feel it. I couldn't pull my arm away, because he was holding onto it too much, and if I did, I'd probably rip open a few more cuts.

"Let go," I was doing my best to keep the pain out of my voice. I think, I'm not sure, but I think that Itachi could still detect it, because his eyes seemed to narrow in the slightest. The rest of the group (except Itachi, since he always stood back) advanced on me, since I was held back by Hidan, they could get me. He knew I'd bolt if he let go, and I'm faster than them, most of them. On a good day, I can out-run all of them, but today wasn't a good day. I had another option, but with the rest of them surrounding me, I couldn't get it to work successfully. The last plan I could use was to punch Hidan in the face, so he'd lower his guard and I could run away, but now that all of them circled around me, it wouldn't be of any use.

"No, I think you're staying here, red," Hidan gave me this stupid name becaue of my hair. He also calls me shorty. I'm not that short. I mean, I am a little on the smaller side, but it's not that bad. It's their fault for being tall, is how I see it. And no, it's not denial, I'm just saying, I'm not that short.

"Yeah, how about we 'play' today, Sasori?" Pein looked pretty intimadating, and the malice coating his voice didn't help either. His piercings really helped him look fierce, which is why most people avoided him and his group. He signaled to Hidan to let me go, and I snatched my wrist back, which was throbbing with pain. Soon, that wouldn't be the only thing throbbing with pain....

"I think we've played enough, since we played yesterday and the day before," and I had the marks to prove it. Really, if you saw my body, and my face without the cover-up I use to hide the bruises and scratches, you'd see all their damage from the past couple of days. You'd see even more after today, because there was no way I'd be able to skip this fight. Pein smiled menacingly, shaking his head like I dissapointed him.

"No, no, I think we should play today too."

"Yeah, c'mon red, don't be a spoil sport!"

"Playing a couple days in a row never hurts, Danna, un!"

"After we're done, you should pay us for taking the time to play with you." Finally, Kakuzu said something, and of course, it had been about taking whatever money I had. Fortunatly, or unfortunatly, I didn't have any. I'm broke, because I live alone, and I don't have a job. Don't get me wrong there, I do pay for things when I've got the money, I can only get money when I help out somewhere. But most people don't hire an emo-kid to help with something. I haven't had a job in a while, therefore, I have no money at the moment.

"Just leave me alone," I was looking for an exit between the guys surrounding me, and I found none. There was no space to move away, no room to run. I was trapped, encircled by all of them but the silent Itachi. I heard someone laugh from behind me, pretty sure it was Hidan, just by the way it sounded. A rough grip on my shoulders from behind, and I relaxed my body on instinct. If I didn't fight it, it wouldn't be so bad. If my body stayed calm, then the blows wouldn't be all that bad. Now the only thing I can hope for now, is that I regain conciousness before it's too late to get home.

I shut my eyes, and wait for the first blow.


*Author note* Yeah, so....uh....this probably isn't very good..... Sorry, I'm pretty bad at writing, I know you all think that. So, as you can see, this is just the prologue, and I don't know if other chapters (if there are other chapters) will be in first person. This is my first story for fanfiction, so uh, it's obviously pretty stupid. Thanks for reading, if there are readers out there... (which I doubt) If anyone actually likes this, or know ways to make it better, let me know. .

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Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

Post by SasoriLover11 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:52 pm


Chapter 2- Why don't you fight back?

Rated: T (Probably, but I dunno)

Warnings: Yaoi, self-mutilation, mild-voilence (getting beaten up, as I said last chapter) I don't think there's anything else

Couples: ItaSaso-(Mainly, and more in future chapters), hints of SasoDei, and HidaDei

Summary:Sasori has pretty much had it with life, he's sick of getting picked on, sick of being invisible to the people he had once thought were his friends, and he's sick of being left behind, whenever he gives out his trust, they leave him. He figures nobody would care if he just dropped dead, that no one would notice. He thought he was a shadow, forgotten by everyone, is that true? Has he really been forgotten?

** Charecters do not belong to me.**


~Sasori's PoV~

The first hit I took was a blow to the face. I'm not sure who's fist it was, but I assumed it was probably Hidan's, since he's got the more aggressive kind of attacks. And yes, I have memorized who's punch is who's. Pein's fist's are kind of knuckle-ish, so to say, it's rather a bony, jagged sort of hit. Hidan's attacks, well, those are just all power based, and he puts all of his weight into them, so there's more force. Kakuzu, well, he doesn't attack all that much like the others do, but when he hits you, you can just tell it's his hands. Believe me on that, you just really know it's him. Hard to explain why, but that's not the point. Deidara's fists or sometimes his knees, those aren't as rough as Hidan's, but I think it's possible that they're harder than Kakuzu's. His knees hurt more on impact, actually, just because he knows how to add more of his strength to it.

The only person's fists my face, body, and whatever else took hits, were Itachi's. He didn't really attack me such as these guys did, I wondered why at times, but other times I didn't care. So long as he wasn't adding to the massive damage four boys could already do, I don't think I care why or why not he joins in on their group-beatings. Unfortunatly for me, all of their blows are very accurate. I get so many hits from these guys, I'm a little surprised I'm not all black and blue. Okay, not really, but still, you get what I'm saying, don't you?

The next one was aimed for my gut, and I just knew that that one belonged to Deidara's knee. It drove the wind out of me, I doubled up, choking and gasping to retrieve the lost air that had been knocked out of me. I found a long time ago, around the third or fourth beating from them, that if I didn't struggle, didn't fight back, or didn't try and escape, then soon enough, they'd get bored, or tired, or both and leave me unconcious on the ground where ever they happened to find me at the time. I'm pretty glad the only thing they used to beat me with were just their fists, knees, or something heavy they found around them. At least it wasn't a knife, or anything sharp, because that would leave me in far worse condition than they already put me in.

I found myself being pulled up roughly by the hair, I cracked my eyes open a little, just to see who it was.

Bad move.....

A direct hit to the face by Deidara and his history book. I'm holding back screams as best as I can, biting my lower lip to keep them at bay from escaping. I don't want them to hear how much they're actually doing to me, I think they'd enjoy it more, and they'd continue, harder, stronger, and with much more pleasure. Deidara's book made perfect contact with my right cheek. A loud smacking noise cracked loudly in the air, and I could hear him and Hidan laughing. I was really getting dizzy, and the spot where the book hit me was really burning.

I felt something, no, I stand corrected. Someone. Yes, someone. They were pressing up against my front, their hands groping my pockets. For certain, it was Kakuzu, looking for whatever money I had. A good thing, and a bad thing.

The bad thing; he'd get mad and everyone would increase their infliction on me. The good thing? He wouldn't be taking anything. Sure, that doesn't really out-weigh the bad thing, but still, if you look at it this way, the way I see it. I see this as a small victory. 'How?' You ask. Well, I see that when he takes something, he's succeeding, and when he doesn't, then I succeed.

But now, he's gonna beat me twice as hard as he is now.


~Itachi's PoV~ (I wonder if this'll be a common PoV to do in later chapters....)

I watch as the group I hang around with beat up the scrawny kid who seems to have done them no wrong. I'm not too sure why I'm around these guys, but I am. I have been since I first transefered here, a little over a year ago. I didn't know who this kid really was, but I'm pretty sure he really hasn't done anything. I merely stand here, watching this pathetic display of a fight. He doesn't fight back. He never has. Why not?

The halls are filled with only the sounds of their strong limbs impacting strongly with the red head's body. It's not exactly a nice's a bunch of slamming, pounding, and all sorts of volumes of 'thud' and 'bang'. The slams were coming from the greedy kid, Kakuzu, who was gripping the kid's hair and slamming his skull against the lockers they'd cornered him to. Why do I watch this? Why don't I fight back for him? All I do is stand here, an observer. Watching what couldn't be called a fight, but a beat down. Their victim just...took it. He allowed them to do as they pleased. Hopefully, they'd all run out of energy, or interest in him, and leave him alone.

Finally, after what seemed like....what, twenty, thirty minutes? Maybe thirty, it felt longer than twenty, but finally they stepped back. Their circle around him turned more into a long oval. They examined their work, laughing and pointing out things in particular. Looking past the white-haired, loud mouth kid, Hidan, I think, I could see the red-head's limp form curled up in a ball. His backpack had been thrown at him a couple times, just because it held a lot of heavy objects. It lay at his side, the zipper had broken sometime, and it's contents had spilled around. The group walked over to me, they chatted about what they had done, like it was an everyday, normal thing they liked to do as a hobby.

I looked back once more at the unconcious form of the small red-head, and I think I felt a pang of pity. How was he going to get home if he probably couldn't walk very well now? Did he have anyone to wait for him, back at where ever he lived? I really doubted that. Maybe, because the few times a day I think I have seen him, he's never with anybody. He doesn't even seem to be fully there. I can't explain it right. It's like, he's doing this because he's used to it. Auto-pilot is one way to say it.

"Itachi?" I snapped my head forward, looking at the group, at who called my name. The blonde with a pony tail looked concerned at me, the grin from earlier still left a trace on his face. "You comin'?" I nodded, following them with the usual look of absolute boredom. They didn't seem to worry anymore now that I took on my normal expression. I suspect that the light lines on my face make me look a little older, so maybe that's why they went back to believing nothing was concering me.

The group talked animatedly about the fight, I stayed out of it, even when they asked me what I thought of it. The obvious answer would be; why didn't he fight back?. We left the school building, the lights were just begining to dim, which meant that the last of the staff here were leaving. I hoped that the red-head would get up soon so he could go home.


~Normal PoV~

The halls were dead silent, save for the heavy breathing coming from the still figure lying on the ground. With a groan, he pushed himself up, the noise broke the stiff silence throught the hallways, but briefly. Other than the panting coming from him, nothing else made sound to relieve the mute-like quietness of the building's corridors.

He checked his body over, reassuring himself that he didn't have broken bones like the last time a few months back. Luckily, there were none, though he felt that maybe his ribs were cracked. A wave of dizzyness swept through him, causing him to nearly fall. He would have, had he not thrown his hand out and grabbed the lockers. As soon as the feeling had dissapeared enough to think clearly, he let go, fairly postive he was steady enough to walk.

Reaching down and grabbing his backpack, and all the things that had fallen out, he trugged to the door. Not quite an easy task when his limbs felt like lead that was set on fire. Each breath burned, each movement brought more shaking pain to his body. He'd been locked inside the school before, so he knew how to get out, even if it could trigger an alarm. The next part would be difficult, because he'd have to use whatever strength he had and run for it. But only if he triggered the alarm.

Pushing the door open smoothly, he only opened it enough to squeeze through, and slip his bag out with him. He waited for a buzz to ring through, but it remained silent. Sighing in both relief and exasperation, he went on. Gettting home would take a while, especially if he was dragging his sore limbs like this.

It had taken a couple minutes longer than it would usually take, but only because he had stopped to lean on a tree to catch his breath, and because half way there, he doubled over to throw up a mixture of blood and the little food he had in his system. His body was numb and shaking twice what it had been when he finally reached his empty, chilling house. Most of the time, he liked how it felt that nobody else was here, how the house felt freezing from the lack of people and affection within it's place. Only the times when he had to come home, beaten, and extremely weary, then, he wouldn't mind a little bit of company. The feeling of self-pity died right as he thought of it. Destroyed as he snuffed out the hunger for much-needed affection. Of course, that'd come back, but for now, he'd ignore it as he had been doing for quite the amount of time.

He might have to miss school the next day, just to recover, but if he could get himself cleaned up now, then he could force his body to go. He had released his loose grip on his broken backpack, dropping it as soon as he walked through the door. Making his way to the sorry excuse for a bathroom, he started up the shower. Avoiding the small mirror, he stripped off his clothes, wincing slightly as the fabric, which felt like a couple pounds instead of just lightly resting on his skin, brushed across his pained body.

Slipping in the warm, semi-comforting water. His eyes downcast, watching with a dulled brown gaze as dried blood came off and washed down the drain. Yeah, he would be sure to ignore this pain in the morning, make himself go to school. It would be Friday anyhow, what would be the point of missing the day of school before the weekend just because of a few cuts and bruises? He sighed again, a faint echo of the breath sounded back to him as it lightly went around the room.

How long will this go on? How long before it all stops? he thought to himself, letting misery set in, just to add more pain to his body and mind.


*Author note* Okay, second chapter up! I think people like this, but I dunno. I got a reivew from Ninjashallow (thank you very much ninjashallow) and so I worked all night and a bit of this morning to get this up. I'm still not sure ifthis is any good, but I know one person likes it, so I guess I'll keep going. Yes, I know, it probably stinks because it was up a little fast, but I've got a reason for it being up like this. Yeah, basically, you could say I have no life what-so-ever, and that I spend all my time being an anime/manga lover, drawing and writing about these people, and that I use my whole day on the computer with youtube and whatever else.

And that is why this is up so quick (if you want to call it quick). Although that doesn't explain for my sorry excuse of a story, all I can do is apologize for that. Sorry

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Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

Post by SasoriLover11 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:53 pm


Chapter 3 - His name is Sasori

Rated: T ( I think?)

Warnings: Yaoi, self-mutilation, mild-voilence ( I think that's all, but I dunno)

Couples: ItaSaso, hints of SasoDei and HidaDei

Summary: Sasori has pretty much had it with life, he's sick of getting picked on, sick of being invisible to the people he had once thought were his friends, and he's sick of being left behind, whenever he gives out his trust, they leave him. He figures nobody would care if he just dropped dead, that no one would notice. He thought he was a shadow, forgotten by everyone, is that true? Has he really been forgotten?

**I do not own any of the characters** Really quick author note: I think this chapter's gonna be from Itachi's point of view, but not in first person perspective. Oh, and a big thanks to my 3 reviewers, Ninjashallow, ilikelickingwindows, and pashiki! Thanks for the reviews, they're very encouraging**


~Normal PoV~

The digital alarm clock blared a high, almost squeek-sounding noise, the pure, flamming red numbers stared angrily at the hand aimlessly gropping about. The alarm rang for at least another two and a half minutes before the hand found it's target, finally shutting it up and bringing a blissful silence to the room. A muffled groan was heard from underneath the thick layer of blankets, soon, a head followed that hand that had advanced from the depths of the covers.

Raven black hair, shocking, deep red eyes, Itachi emerged from his warm cocoon of comforting blankets. Stretching and yawning, he shook his head, making sure he wouldn't attempt to steal a couple more minutes of sleep. As he ran a hand through his messy, slightly tangled hair, he a course of rememberance shot through him to his very core. What had woken him up fully was the recollection of the third beating of the week for the red-headed kid. Itachi racked his head for what his name could have been. What with all the taunting his 'friends' did, he was sure to have heard it somewhere. Itachi threw his hair into the same low-boy pony tail, his bangs parting to each side of his face.

Started 'S'....what was it...? Itachi thought as he grabbed some clothes, changing without hurry. Walking out of his bedroom, coming into the kitchen and greeting his parents quickly. Shutting the door quietly to avoid waking up his younger brother, he ran off to the bus stop. Several kids were already there, most of them being his brother's friend, a spiky-haired blonde was fussing loudly.

"I told you already, I'm goin' on this bus!" he whined, moving out of the older girl's reach.

"Naruto, we already said you couldn't. Wait a few years, and then you can come too," she sighed, frustrated with the strubborn boy. He pouted, which looked absolutely ridiculous in his bright orange outfit.

"Naruto, go on over and play with Sasuke," Itachi had moved up behind him, making him jump as he spoke suddenly. Naruto swiveled around, facing Itachi with a semi-guilty look.

"Uh...sure..." Itachi stepped aside as Naruto crept away, the other kids at the bus laughing at Naruto's retreating back. Satisfied, Itachi waited for the bus, keeping away from the chattering group. The bus poked it's yellow hood from around the corner, everyone took cue to line up with a little shoving and some complaining. Scarmbling onto the bus, the chaos of trying to find a seat, and hopefully an empty one, morning busses were the hardest. A twleve minute ride to school, one stop in between, it felt as though it dragged on.

Slinging his bag onto the other shoulder and distributing the weight, he looked around, either for the group who normally found him and dragged him along, or for the red-head. More than likely though, he may not be here. That thought came to mind after pondering over the red-head's condition as he had seen him last.

"Hey! Over here, un!" Itachi looked around, spotting a hand wave through the crowd of kids walking past, getting inside the building. The blonde, Deidara walked right up to him, smiling broadly. "What's up, Itachi," he looked at him, his eyes wide with bubbling excitement.

"Nothing, and you, Deidara?" he asked, not at all concerned for how he was or not, just asking out of politness. He even did his best to sound like he cared.

"Waitin' for the others, un! Have you seen them yet?" he looked around, the one, light blue eye that was visible darted around, swiftly, searching all around. Itachi pretended to scan the crowd as well, cranning his neck to add more to the act. He looked back at Deidara when he felt a tug on the sleeve of his shirt.

"Oooh! I see Hidan! I see Hidan!" the blonde dashed over to the right, still in view, and ear shot for Itachi to see him run over and nearly attack Hidan. He heard him laugh loudly, and Hidan's cursings. The two walked over, Hidan grumbling swear words, and Deidara laughing, still. "I found Hiddaaaannnn," the blonde sang, nuzzling the albino's arm affectionatly.

Itach just nodded, waiting for the rest of the group to come over.

Eventually, Kakuzu joined them, then Pein, who looked annoyed.

He could hear Kakuzu saying something about 'waste of money', and 'way too expensive'. Pein looked ready to hit someone, anyone, who came near him and started talking. Deidara seemed smart enough to stay away, and Hidan kept his swearing to a low whisper. Pein lead their group through the halls, roughly shoving others out of his way, ignoring the shouts and insults. After he issued a few orders to them, they all spread out, going to classes for the day, deciding where to meet up for lunch later on in the day.


~Itachi's PoV~

I must be honest with myself, and say that I have been looking for him.

I haven't yet, and maybe I won't. Not today anyway.

It's the last day until the weekend, so maybe he decided to skip?

I've been doing my best to keep away from Pein, Kakuzu, Deidara and Hidan, although, that's not really working too well.

They still manage to find me, and of course, they drag me over to hang around with them.

I didn't think I'd see him at all now, it was last hour, only a couple more minutes until the bell finally rang, and we'd all be free for a couple days. Well, free by meaning away from moronic teachers and loud, obnoxious other students.

The shrill screeching of the bell sounded through out the room and halls, even heard from other rooms. Everyone jumped up, snatching their possesions and running out the door as if they were running away from a fire. Storming down two flights of strairs, while I took my time, getting pushed a couple times by kids in a hurry that happened to be behind me.

While I was on getting to the second flight before the ground floor, a flash of red wizzed past me. Then a flash of yellow. I didn't quite understand what it was until I heard yelling.

"Come on back here, Danna, un!" I heard, and knew it was Deidara. Actually, I think you'd have to be deaf to not know when it's him running around and screaming. And wait, I vaughly recall him calling the red-head Danna last night, so he was chasing him. I quickend my pace, trying to catch up to the two of them.

I reached the end of the steps, looking around in a furious haste. I saw hiim cornered by the taller blonde.

He looked kind of mad, while Deidara looked the complete opposite. It was clear he was taunting the red-head, and using a name he obviously didn't like. I got closer, trying to keep out of sight, hoping to either hear his name, mostly because I wanted to stop adressing him as 'him', or 'he', or 'red-head'.

"Danna," he chirpped loudly, smiling like he was an angel towards the kid. "Don't you wanna plaaayyyyy, un?" he showed his teeth, his false smile was way too big, big where it was even creepy. All stalker-like, if you know what I mean.

"Back off," I could barely hear him, especially because of all the louder students gossiping about what they'd be doing for the weekend. I took a closer look at him, noticing mostly how his dark brown irises were filled with menace, and even a touch of hate. Something even less visible was there, but not knowing much about him, and the distance I was from him, I couldn't really say what it was. What was more surprising, was that I could barely tell he had gotten a beating. He didn't have a mark on him, other than the give-away, slightly-puffy right eye. The same eye that Deidara had hit with his text book.

"Awww, what could you do?" Deidara all but cooed in a mocking way. Sounding sickeningly sweet, and innocent.

"This," I heard, before seeing him pull his arm back and lash out. Nailing the blonde who let out a surprised cry as the red-head's fist impacted head on with his jaw bone. Then, before I had time to blink twice, he was off, dashing through the groups of others. I turned to see Deidara holding his face, yelling after him,

"Stupid Sasori! You'll regret that, un!" he then ran off, probably to find the others and tattle. I should go as well, I suppose, since he didn't know I'd been watching. I walked off, after him, though not pushing and shoving. I could hear him a mile away, running recklessly and what not. was Sasori.

His name was Sasori.

Got it.


I showed up right after Deidara had, and I could hear him ranting on, stretching a few details. Pein nodded, he had a look of thought on his face. I'd bet he was planning what to do to Sasori now.....

Sasori, Sasori, for some reason that name just nice....why is that? I don't even know him, I just learned his name, why am I thinking that about how his name sounds?

I tuned out of the conversation, thinking about things that actually intrested me. Which would definetly not include how to 'punish' Sasori. Yeah, all I did catch though, was that his name really was Sasori. Pein and Kakuzu repeated it a couple times, unlike the nicknames that Hidan had used. But now I really did know, that the kid, the red-head, his name is...



*Author note* I think this one took a little while longer to put up. Mainly because I had no time to work on this yesterday. Anyway, here is the third chapter. Please enjoy, and I'll go for the next chapter and get that up as soon as possible.


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Re: Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

Post by SasoriLover11 on Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:39 pm

(The REAL chapter 4)

Chapter 4- Hidan's Revenge

Rated: T

Warnings: Yaoi stuff, self-mutilation, mild-voilence, the usual.

Couples: ItaSaso, SasoDei and HidaDei hints.

Summary: Sasori has pretty much had it with life, he's sick of getting picked on, sick of being invisible to the people he had once thought were his friends, and he's sick of being left behind, whenever he gives out his trust, they leave him. He figures nobody would care if he just dropped dead, that no one would notice. He thought he was a shadow, forgotten by everyone, is that true? Has he really been forgotten?

*I don't own the charecters, so yeah, no credit for me on that*

~Sasori's PoV~

Okay, so punching Deidara in the face may not have been the best idea I could've come up with, but I'd have to admit, it felt really great. The few times I'm cornered by one of the group, that's about the only time I can get away, or fight back. One on one isn't too bad for me. The only thing is.... they always come back later, with the rest of them, and they beat me down so much harder than they do when they're doing it in a joking matter....

So, I was pretty much running to get home before they got me, and so I wouldn't end up staying late again. I know running only stalls the inevitable, but hey, you'd run too, wouldn't you?

I'm half-way to my house, the pretty much empty apartment buildings, and my completely empty room. I slow down, trying to catch my breath, looking over my shoulder every now and then as I walk, checking to make sure no one's coming up behind me to ambush me or anything. So far, not bad. I'm not being followed or anything, so perhaps this is a sign of some sort that they'll leave me alone until the weekend or when we get back to school?

Finally, I'm there. I pick up my speed again, sprinting to the door and pulling out my keys in one brief motion. I stepped in quickly, shutting the door firmly behind me and locking it. Phew, I wasn't suddenly attack on my run home. I plopped down on the couch in the main room, wiping sweat from my forehead, breathing heavily. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is not to have been beaten on the way home. Seriously, I just really, really glad.

After I was pretty sure I was all rested up enough, I kicked my backpack in a corner of the room, underneath a chair. Hang on...
When had I put that chair there.....?

With much hesitation, I decided to let it go. Maybe when I was in one of my dazed states I had moved it there or something. I could feel that pressure building up in my chest again. The feeling of expecting something extremely unwanted. Of having to wait for something to make a move. Anticipation.... A lot of tension, like something was about to jump....

But still, I didn't think too much of it, although I had that one feeling where I'd really regret that. Ever get it yourself? Yeah, then you'd know how sick it makes you feel....

Sighing loudly, I pulled off my shirt, tossing it back on the worn-out couch, then walking over to the bathroom. I stepped in the tiled room, I shuddered as soon as I stepped in. Now just from the cold chill in there, but it sort of felt like there was another presence. I mean by that is; it felt like someone was there. Like I was being watched. Great, now I feel even sicker. I locked the door behind me, just for precautions. I don't lock that door often, but I was going to this time.

Turning back to the shower that was also a bathtub, I slid the glass doors to it shut, turning the water on full blast. I didn't do this often either, since turning it on full blast tended to mess up the water in the rest of the house. But I didnt' exactly care at the moment. I just wanted to relieve the building pressure of anticipation that would eventually turn into pain if it wasn't released soon. It's like guilt; it'll build and build, centering itself somewhere and causing so much pain you feel like you need to bleed it out. That's one of the emotions I hate the most.

As the steaming water runs down my body, I can feel the make-up stuff I'd coated my face with run down. Now my face feels lighter, in a way, because I've got all that cover-up gunk off. I bet if I looked in a mirror right now, my face would look all black and blue, and red. I think the only thing I hadn't managed to cover up was my swollen eye. I did get the rest of the bruises, and most of the cuts that were shallow.

The rough beating of the water against my pounding head felt pretty relaxing, and the way the water just warmed up my entire being was just a really soothing feeling. Don't ask... I'm just one of those people who like to take showers and just stand there and get warm. Even if this shower is part tub, and on the small side, it's still a shower, so it's just as relaxing as any other.
A couple more minutes of just standing there, my head thrown back to feel the pattering against my throat, and my eyes closed to keep the dropplets out, I figure it's more or less time to get out and stop messing with the pipes of my apartment room. Shutting off the shower made all the cold, pain, and misery I've been feeling come rushing back. It's as if the water was a protective shield against the cruelness of the world. Okay, this would be the only time you'll ever see me enjoying water so blissfully, because normally, I hate water.

Stepping out of the little cell, dripping with water, I look at the clock. The glass cover to it was all fogged over from the steam that came from the shower. I can't really see what time it reads, but I know I've only been in there a little under fifteen minutes. I grab the closest towel I see, wrapping it around my waist, and sitting down at the edge of the tub. It's a little slippery now that I've used water, but it's fine, since the towel can stop it from moving me.

I then grope around the cabinet for the razor I tossed in there yesterday, finding it only because a sharp pain in my index finger alerted me. Gripping it by the handle, I wiped my bleeding finger on the fabric of the towel before I started cutting again. It might not've made sense, to just take a shower and then bleed, but, who cares. I really gotta say, it feels pretty good, to watch the blood drip out of the wound, then cut in another spot and look at that spill over. It's just an amusing sort of thing, y' know?

Okay, I guess I'm done making myself bleed now, it didn't take as long as it normally does to feel better by cutting. I only made like, five cuts on my wrist. Sometimes I go up to eight or nine. Depends though, just depends. Rinsing the blade in the sink, which I notice isn't working all that great because of turning the shower on full blast, I toss the razor back into the cabinet. Ignoring the clatter it makes as it bounces off the wall and hits the hollow wooden bottem. As soon as I had the cuts all bandaged up, I walked out the bathroom door. I seemed to be forgetting something.... the shower washed it away and it doesn't seem to be resurfacing.

Tossing my black jeans onto the couch next to my shirt, I headed to my room, keeping my cut wrist close to my side to keep it from moving around and rubbing up against stuff. I opened the door, hit by a breeze and about one hundred and thirty five and a half pounds. Sprawling to the ground, the towel still wrapped around my waist, I looked to see what, or who had hit me.
Only to be hit in the face with a....pillow?

I tried to get it off, my arms were pinned to my sides, and I already knew it was Pein's group. I couldn't shake the pillow off either, because someone was pressing it down on my face. At this rate, I'd either pass out or they'd suffocate me. I was already getting light headed because I was using more energy to struggle.
"Red, red, red," Hidan made 'tsking' noises, as if he was dissapointed by what he saw. As if it were I intruding in his house and tackling him to the ground. He wasn't making it any easier to breathe, because he was sitting on my stomach, and twisting and writhing around wasn't making it better for my breathing passages.
"Stop squirming! It's annoying," he increased his force on thie pillow on my face. I could see bright spots appearing in the darkness in which my eyes where squeezed shut. I bet he really was going to kill me. I'm about ready to loose conciousness here, and I didn't doubt that Hidan wouldn't hold his breath stopping mine for a while longer.

"Ger' off me," I struggled to get out, it came out muffled and pretty much incomprehensible due to the pillow in my face and covering my mouth. Just as I could feel the black darkness eating away at my conciousness, the force was lifted off from my face. I gasped in air greedily, trying to suck in all that my lungs had been deprived from. I could see Hidan smirking from his spot on top of me. Ugh...he was really heavy, it still wasn't easy to breath with him sitting on top of me.

"Jeez Red, look how thin you are!" he said with mock concern. "No wonder you wear those shapeless shirts and hoodies all the time. And that explains your baggy pants too! Trying to hide your scrawny form like that," he started tsking again, his fingers running along my ribcage that poked out in a bony way. I've seen how thin I looked, once or twice in a mirror. I think if I looked any thinner, I'd look like a starved dog that had been hit by a car and lived some how.

"Yeah, get off me now," I tried to roll my mid-section. He still wasn't getting off, and I was still in a towel. He laughed loudly, his weird cackling always sort of made me shudder. "Okay, so why are you here?" As if the answer wasn't obvious. To beat me up, duh.

"To get revenge for you hurting my boyfriend," he said, smirking in a sort of mocking, evil manner. He climbed off of me, making sure to do as much unnessecary movement, like kicking and shoving as possible. I resisted from scootching backwards, I forced myself to remain still, and keep my eyes on the ground.
"Come on, get up," he said impaitently, as if he had commanded me a while ago and I hadn't heard or reacted. I fixed the towel around my hips quickly, tightening it so it didn't fall off or anything. He tapped his foot in an annoying way that showed me he was getting mad by my lack of getting right to his orders.

Getting to one knee, slowly, taking my time to follow his commands, I knew I was making him madder, not like I cared or anything though. I'd get beat up no matter what, so why not get some kind of humor into this. I heard him groan quite loudly, tapping his fingers against the wall, he was trying to show me how impaitent he was, like I actually cared.
He bent forward, in my direction. I thought he was either gonna kick me, or hit me or something, but instead, he reached out with his hand, grabbing for my arm. I sunk my teeth into my bottem lip to keep from crying out in pain as he wrapped his fingers around the fresh wounds. I hissed with displeasure, unfortunatly, which was the second thing to draw his attention to the soaked bandages.

Pulling his hand away, looking how his palm came back with warm, red coating of my blood. He looked back and forth, from his hand, to my gauze wrap. I hid both arms behind my back, standing up quickly and backing up. After he got past his mussings of how and why his hand was red, and he started advancing as I was retreating.

"What'cha doin', Red? How come you're wrists are behind your back?" He looked as though he'd come up with something...something he knew I wouldn't like....

"Ah, nothing, you're just seeing things." Yeah, I'm a little terrible at making up those kind of things...Hidan's actually too smart to fall for it, somehow. Oh, and both of my arms were hidden from him because both wrists have slashes, but I mostly do one wrist at a time, so only one's got blood soaked bandages.

"Right, right," he nodded, showing that he clearly wasn't buying it. "Show me now, and I might just make it less painful." He held out his hand, like a parent waiting for their child to return something that didn't belong to them. He wiggled his fingers, signaling to me that he wanted me to show my secret now.
I could either participate in what he was asking, or, I could try and lock myself in the bathroom or something. But, hiding woulf only stall the inevitable, so I think I should just take this now and get it over with, and not make it a thousand times harder than it needs to be. Mutely, I take my hands from their place behind my back, stretching them outward towards Hidan.

He turned them over, looking at my wrists with what was probably fake shock. I could tell it was fake, just because I could see the laughter behind his eyes. I was really sort of hoping he'd just look and let go, but of course not. He prodded at the wet bandages, none too lightly either. He acted as though he'd never seen a covered up wound before.

"What'd ya to do yourself, huh Red?" He didn't look in the least bit concerned, just a bored look on his face as he poked at the burning cuts that seemed to be bleeding more because he was touching them so roughly. I bit back a hiss as he runs a finger down my arm, pressing slightly with his nails, but more with his fingers.

I tried pulling my arm back, this time succeeding, since Hidan didn't really care to look at them anymore. "Nothing, take your revenge and leave, 'kay?" I don't think I could take on Hidan, even though he was alone. Deidara, and possibly Kakuzu I think I have a pretty good chance of winning, but not Hidan.

"The rest are coming soon enough, Red, just so you know," he laughed loudly, I just stared at him as he clutched his sides because he was laughing so hard. Now, what I don't get is, what's so funny? Ah well, it doesn't matter. Whatever isn't funny to me is sure to be funny to them. Maybe.... while he was laughing I could go get some clothes on instead of just being in a towel? I tried backing up slowly, but just like that, Hidan stopped laughing. Like he had been faking that laugh all that time. Maybe he was, I don't know, nor do I fully care.

"Stay here, they'll be in through your window in a few minutes," he pointed to my broken window. He had apparently busted through it with who-knows-what, and stayed in my room until I got out of the shower. It's going to take about forever to get the money to fix that...ugh.
How great, y' know? What a fantastic Friday, no, weekend. I've already been beaten up enough times that would normally be a month's worth. Now I was about to get gang beaten yet again. I love my life, big emphasis on "love", by the way. I just know Hidan's going to be pounding on me thrice as hard as usual, since I hit Deidara and all. Kakuzu may just add to those extra numberings on the beating, because I don't have anything worth taking and selling off here.

I turn around quickly when I hear voices, then I hear a thump, some yelling, and looky, looky! Pein's standing in my room now. A couple seconds later, Kakuzu comes in from the window. Deidara next, who looked smug, even with the awesome bruise on his face. And last but not least, Itachi. Itachi comes in, not looking very thrilled. The exact opposite, if I'm any judge on human emotions.

Everyone, except Itachi, comes closer, that evil grin on every one of their faces.

I am so in for it, I probably won't even wake up until Monday, when school starts.

Hidan's I keep myself from running, standing firm.

I'm not going to run.

I'm not going to show them fear.

After this, I'm done.

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Re: Forgotten (SasoriLover11's fanfic)

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